Front from left: Asst. Coach Katie Petruncio; Aubrie Fineberg; Stella Portocarrero; Katie Holt (C), Hannah Feord (C), Madeline Bryant, Ava Petruncio, Bridget Mathews; HC Michelle Bryant.
Back from left: Asst. Coach Mike Hedrick; Bruce; Cecelia Van Haute; Kenna Outlaw; Lily Kalish, Alana Hedrick; Asst. Coach Adam Outlaw

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Our philosophy at HRYS Glory Fastpitch Softball is to uplift our athletes. We expect their best and will foster their growth as athletes and as people. We work with young athletes to help them uncover their strengths, empower them through self-awareness and confidence, and to understand as well as overcome their weaknesses. Above all else, we expect them to act, perform, and play as a team. Through participation in the HRYS Glory league, your athlete will build a foundation of softball skill and a love for the game that will follow them for their lifetime.

Head Coach Michelle Bryant joins the HRYS Glory staff from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2020. She comes to HRYS with more than 11 years of playing, officiating, and coaching youth softball. She has been taught by NCAA coaches and staff and attends national-level coaching clinics each year to continue to be a trusted source of softball knowledge and mentorship. She fosters a love for softball and a passion for mentoring youth that fuels young girls to believe, trust, and have confidence in themselves.

Interested in coaching? Our coaching staff is always looking for passionate, motivated coaches to join us in building the HRYS Glory program. We are especially interested in former players who want to give back to their community. Coaches click here to join us today!

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