10u Glory

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The HRYS 10u Glory is a travel softball team that competes with the top teams in the Mid-Atlantic region throughout the fall, spring, and summer months. The team thrives on hard work and dedication to the sport. We strive to be our best and work throughout the winter months to remain strong and skilled.

Player development of various softball techniques, rules, plays, assignments, sportsmanship, discipline, attitude, teamwork and hard work is the core of which we will focus on in our effort to win games and deliver the rewarding and fun experience of 10u Glory softball.

Members of the HRYS Glory fastpitch family, cultivated locally from talent throughout the Herndon and Reston area, are leaders on the field, in their schools, and in the community. In addition to top-tier travel softball, our Glory players position themselves to lead their high school teams and aspire to carry their skills forward to the collegiate level.

For more information about the team, please email 10u Glory Head Coach Samantha Rudoph at CoachRudolph@hrysglory.com.